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Project Details

Hex Pot is a re-imagination of the traditional flower planting method, and provides a novel approach to smart flower planting. A unique aspect of this flowerpot innovation lies in the integration of an RGB light sensor, which ensures balanced growth of the flower in all orientations. Hex Pot provides smart plant health monitoring and watering systems. It also allows you to customise your settings through the Hex APP, supporting several different types of plants.

Technical Breakdown

1. Rasberry Pi Zero is the foundation of IoT solution, providing serial communication and real-time data processing power for this embedded system.

2. An analogue-to-digital converter is added to take readings from the load cell and the dirt humidity sensor.

3. The dirt humidity sensor measures the dirt humidity. Having this, the water pump keeps the dirt humidity in a certain range that's comfortable for the plant.

4. Water pump is used for the smart watering system.

5. The air temperature & humidity sensor measures the temperature and humidity of the ambient environment, giving out warnings in our APP when the environment is unsuitable for the plant.

6. The force sensor measures the amount of water in the water tank, reminding you in our APP to add water if there’s not enough.

7. The unique ‘Sunflower System’ uses a RGB light sensor to measure the amount of sunlight received by the plant.

8. A rotational motor is installed as part of the 'Sunflower System'. When the amount of sunlight accumulates to a certain level, the rotational motor turns the pot for 180 degrees, allowing balanced growth of the plant.

9. Sensor readings are securely transmitted to a central server via the Internet and are processed appropriately. Secure data transmission is done through MQTT broker, protecting your personal data and privacy.